********** $321,595.50**********

Montana Postal Workers December till May 1260 Payoff


President Phillippe Announces

New Settlements

  1. Conrad $2400.00
  2.  Sidney $5000.00
  3.  Circle $7200.00
  4.   Malta $6000.00

Gary Phillipe, $2,400.00, Conrad,  1 employee

Gary Phillipe, $6,724.00, Plentywood,  2 members

Gary Phillipe, $2,212.00, Columbus, 2 members

Gary Phillipe, $3500.00, Frenchtown, 1 member

Gary Phillipe, $3396.00, Roundup, 2 members

Gary Phillipe, $10,00o, Roundup 1 employee

Gary Phillipe, $4,100 Conrad,  1 employee

Gary Phillipe, $1,100, Choteau,  4 employees

Gary Phillipe, $3,300, Winnett,  1 employee

Gary Phillippe, $7,600.00, Sheridan, 4 employees

Gary Phillippe, $9,500.00, Dillon all employees

Gary Phillippe, $3,000.00, Three Forks 2 employees

Joe Miller $9,500.00, Glasgow 1 employee

Dan Breen $1,100.00 Troy, Montana 2 employees

Gary Phillippe $11,620.00, Ashland and Colstrip

It is with my utmost respect to the grievance system that Montana APWU is happy to announce the first of many settlements on the 1.6.B issue that has robbed our membership of many hours of work. I was able to settle two grievances today paying 4 employee at Ashland and Colstrip a total of $11662.00. The really good news is that every one of these employees is a UNION MEMBER..My heart was pounding when we settled this. More important the majority of the hours came from a program that Michael P. Kaehler and I perfected to track postmasters hours at the windows…If any member sees this and thinks your PM is working more hours than allowed contact us..

This program will help and we will help you to learn how to use it..

Gary Phillippe..


The Montana Postal Workers Union (MPWU) is a state affiliate of the American Postal Workers Union (APWU). The object of the MPWU is to unite all non-supervisory postal employees in one alliance for their social and economic advancement and to aid in the preservation and advancement of America’s Postal Service.

The APWU is the world’s largest postal union, representing more than 330,000 USPS employees, and nearly 2,000 private-sector mail workers.

For more than three decades, APWU has fought for dignity and respect on the job for the workers we represent, as well as for decent pay and benefits and safe working conditions. As an AFL-CIO affiliate, the APWU supports the struggle for social and economic justice for all working families.

Depending on their occupation, APWU members belong to the Clerk, Maintenance, Motor Vehicle, or Support Services divisions.

Our union is a democratic organization comprised of dues-paying members who belong to approximately 1,600 state and local unions and retiree chapters in every state and territory. APWU officers are directly elected by union members.

The union’s state and local affiliates are autonomous organizations that rely on the national union to represent their interests in contract negotiations and in national-level grievances. The union negotiates a national Collective Bargaining Agreement and fights for our members’ interests on Capitol Hill. The APWU also has many Retiree and Auxiliary chapters so that former postal workers and postal families can remain active in union affairs.

The APWU is headquartered at 1300 L. St. NW, Washington, DC 20005. Officers and staff can be reached at 202-842-4200.



                              Montana Postal Workers Union
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