Be it known that the 2014 Montana Postal Workers Union Convention will be held

 in Boise, Idaho April 23–26, 2014.

 This convention will be held in conjunction with the Northwest Region Multi-state.

(April 23–24 state conventions, April 25 multistate convention, April 26 training day)

 All Locals must have their per cap dues to the MPWU paid up at least 45 days

 prior the convention. For this convention, that is March 9, 2014.

 Mail PP 01/14 DCOs and, if needed, mailing list (to confirm cash pay members) to

 the MPWU Secretary-Treasurer by March 25, 2014.


The Montana Postal Workers Union will pay the registration fee of $100 for each


Local delegate, whose credentials are received by the MPWU Secretary-Treasurer


NO later than March 15, 2014.


Mail all items via certified mail to P.O. Box 9784, Kalispell, MT 59904


At the 2014 State Convention, election of officers will take place. The following positions
will be up for election: President, Vice President, Secretary-Treasurer, Editor, Clerk Craft
Coordinators (3 slots), Maintenance Craft Coordinator. All positions are for a two year
period 2014-2016. All positions, except clerk and maintenance coordinators, are not craft
Tuesday, April 22  3 pm–7 pm (?) Registration

Wednesday, April 23
7 AM –? Registration
8 AM – 5 PM individual state conferences

Thursday, April 24
8 AM – 5 PM individual state conferences
Noon – Luncheon
?!?! Possibly some training
7 PM Hospitality

Friday, April 25
8 AM – 5PM multi-state conference
7 PM- Installation Dinner, COPA auction, quilt raffle

Saturday, April 26
8 AM – 5 PM training classes

Join us at The Grove Hotel in Boise Idaho for the 2014 Multi-State Convention. April 23 through April 26, 2014.
The room rate will be $83.00 per night with an additional tax of 13%. Upgrades to a Terrace Suite are also available on a first-come, first-serve basis. Parking at the hotel will be an additional $7.00 per night.
To get this room rate mention, “APWU Multi-State Conference.” Rooms can be booked now through March 15, 2014.
 Shuttle to and from the airport, will be free of charge.
Contact information for the hotel is as follows;
The Grove Hotel
245 South Capitol Boulevard
Boise, ID 83702
(888) 961-5000